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How Trump’s Executive Orders Remove Checks and Balances

Click below to download the Trumps 3 Executive Orders


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The 3 Executive Orders Will:

  1. Severely limits federal workers' rights and access to representation in the workplace, including drastically limiting the time union representatives are legally mandated to represent employees (official time).
  2. Undermines civil service merit principles. It will now be easier for managers to retaliate, discriminate, and suspend employees. This EO also removes consideration of seniority in the case of reductions in force.
  3. Restricts federal workers collective bargaining rights. Your union negotiates workplace conditions such as reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities, employee training, overtime, telework and flexible work schedules. Without the ability to bargain, management can set workplace policy.

Call Congress NOW and tell them to support federal employees, and denounce the executive order. District Office 1-888-775-3148/DC Office: 1-844-669-5146

click on the link below for summeraries of the three orders as it relates to collective barganing, official time, and accountability.